Introducing Rucca, Day Zero

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This blog is dedicated to Rucca, a not quite eleven year old Shetland Sheepdog who joined the proud ranks of the Tripawds today.

Our journey started when she had a low-grade soft tissue sarcoma removed from her left foreleg last week.  The wound was slightly infected two days ago but today’s bandage removal unveiled a horrible infection, necrosis, and a host of other terribles.  Her post-surgery biopsy also showed a higher grade tumor than that previously believed.  In hopes of stopping the infection and because it would have been the recommended treatment for the tumor, our surgeon recommended immediate amputation.  We said OK, they brought her out to us, and we spent about twenty minutes with her before they took her back in.

We’ve received a report that surgery went well, that she is awake, and seems pretty happy.  Hopefully we will be able to bring her home tomorrow.

Rucca is a very special little dog.  Smart, happy, communicative, the almost instant best friend of everyone she meets.  Her great loves in life include catching frisbees, meeting people, posing for photos, barking, and running the world.  Her frisbee days are probably now officially behind her but we hope that she will quickly be back to taking care of business. I’m a little (OK, a lot) afraid of the days to come. But I know that Rucca won’t be. 


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Rucca, Day Zero”

  1. Rucca has known nothing but love since she joined the family. She has returned that intensity of love tenfold. There is always the one in a million dog adoration and bond between her people that defies explanations and science. Pure love. Rucca will shine throughout her recovery and amaze everyone that meets her from this day forth. I bet my life on it.

  2. Aww we LOVE Shelties! I can already tell she’s a spunky pup who will do fine on three legs. We can’t wait to follow along with her 3-legged adventure, thanks so much for starting a blog.

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